Validated Guidelines Sites

EBMPracticeNet (INAMI + CEBAM)

CEBAM (Belgian Branch of the Cochrane Collaboration)

NHS (National Health Service)

G.I.N. (Guidelines International Network)

KCE (Kennis Centrum – Centre d’expertise)

NHS (NHS Evidence – National Library of Guidelines)

NGC (National Guideline Clearinghouse) AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), AMA (American Medical Association), AAHP (American Association of Health Plans)

AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) USA

AZQ / AWMF ( Ärztliches Zentrum für Qualität in der Medizin: Agency for Quality in Medicine / A rbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften: Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany)

ANAES – Haute Autorite de SANTE (Publications)

WGO – World Gastroenterology Organisation


Inami Consensus Conferences



Another Guidelines Site

CHU Rouen